Tāmanuhiri TROTAK Working Party


The Tamanuhiri Te Runanga o Turanganui A Kiwa (“TROTAK”) Working Party convened its first consultation hui on Saturday 17 September at Muriwai Marae asking our people for their thoughts and views of the Runanga. Twenty one people participated in the hui. The questions posed at the hui has been put together in a survey that all of our Iwi tribal members can participate in.

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Established through a tribal directive of Ngāi Tāmanuhiri at their Hui A Iwi of 23 July 2016 the, Tāmanuhiri TROTAK Working Party (“TTWP”) will lead a consultative process with the tribe to understand the inter-relationship that Ngāi Tāmanuhiri should have with Te Rūnanga o Turanganui A Kiwa. This space has been created for the wider whanau to be able to access information about the purpose and progress of the TTWP and help obtain direction for the whanau working upon it.

Current members of the TTWP are









1TTWP Photo

From Left to right: Tanith Wirihana, Horomona Pohatu, Marsha Wyllie & Waireti Āmai.

Minutes and publications of the TTWP

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Blue Skies TROTAK Change Paper

Terms of Reference for the Tamanuhiri TROTAK Working Party

Notes of Tamanuhiri TROTAK Working Party

TROTAK Deed of Trust

David Gray Report 2004

TROTAK 2011 – 2016 Final Strategic Plan

TTWP presentation July 2016

Framework information for 17/09/16 hui