Vision – 5 Year Plan

 Ngāi Tāmanuhiri

2015 to 2020


Tīmatanga kōrero

Strategic Development for Ngāi Tāmanuhiri to 2035 is planned out in 5-Year segments. Trustees are legally required by Trust Deed to have a rolling 5-Year Strategic Plan. Post Treaty Settlement we have made steady progress in achieving the first 5-Year milestones.

Revision of the 5-Year Plan is been undertaken as some objectives have been achieved or are underway e.g. our marae renovation is completed. Our objectives also need to be more inclusive of our people who live away. Some issues have been highlighted more recently that require specific and early planning e.g. housing demand, a growing pākeke population, the more urgent need for an education strategy, financial literacy and whānau ora.

These kaupapa are relevant to our people wherever you live. For all the reasons explained, we need to adjust our 5-Year Strategic Plan to take into account the overall landscape ahead.


Te kōiti o Tāmanuhiri


Tērā ia e mā mai rā
E pakia mai rā e ngā ngaru o te moana
Ko Te Kurī a Paoa
Kei ngā repo o Te Wherowhero
Ta matau waka a Horouta
Ko Matiti te taumata tirotiro o Tāmanuhiri
Ko Rangiwaho,
Ko Rangitauwhiwhia, ko Kahutia, Ko Tāwehi,
Ko Rangiwaho Mātua hoki ngā hapū
Ko Ngāi Tāmanuhiri te Iwi


Ko te oranga o te Iwi kei tūtū kei poroporo. The prosperity of our people is in our land, our whenua, our people.


Te Whainga Mātua – Our Mission


Puritia kia mau ki tō mātau mana whenua, mana moana, mana tīpuna

Hold firm to Ngāi Tāmanuhiri mana motuhake



Tikanga Our Values


Whanaungatanga Our whakapapa connects us to each other and to our whenua, our moana, our universe. He rangatira te katoa
Kōtahitanga Solidarity of identity and purpose
Kaitiekitanga Guardianship and protection of our universe and all phenomena within it
Manaakitanga Attitudes, behaviours and actions that render respect and humility to others
Tohungatanga The pursuit of excellence, proficiency and professionalism
Rangatiratanga Te ihi, te wehi, te mana o Ngai Tamanuhiri – honesty, transparency, self-determination




The Next Five Years


There are three principles underpinning the next five years:



Ngāi Tāmanuhiri needs to build and grow the resources we have. We must have a risk averse, conservative approach to spending and investments given economic instability nationally and internationally. We need to conduct due diligence by taking time to gather information that will inform planning for our Iwi development priorities.


Ngā Uri

Our people are scattered around New Zealand and overseas.



There is significant benefit in developing closer relationships with our whanaunga i Te Tairāwhiti puta noa ki Te Waipounamu me to motu whānui. The Settlement gives rise to different relationships with Crown agencies at and the Gisborne District Council. Relationships with new partners will evolve and develop in this period.


Each principle covers five priority areas:


  • Mana Whenua Mana Moana
  • Mana Tīpuna
  • Mana Whānau
  • Pūtea
  • Tāmanuhiri Tūtū Poroporo Trust


For each priority there are four different outcomes: Economic, Cultural, Social and Environmental.


Mana Whenua Mana Moana – Our Natural World within the next 5 Year

The health of our natural environment is closely connected to the status of our wellbeing as a people. Our moana, our pari, our rivers, our whenua, our flora and fauna, are part of our whakapapa. He rangatira te katoa. Our whakapapa anchors our unbroken ahi kā roa to our takiwā that is reinforced by our tikanga as kaitieki. Restoring and rejuvenating our whenua and moana to a pristine state, free of pollution, is akin to maintaining our health as an Iwi. The next five years will set the ground work for long term practical application of kaitiekitanga.

Economic Outcomes Cultural Outcomes  Social Outcomes  Environmental Outcomes
  • Complete natural resource inventory/Geographical Information System (GIS) of our rohe and needs analysis.
  • Finalise protocols with Gisborne District Council and Crown agencies (Department of Conversation, Ministry of Fisheries, Ministry for the Environment, Minister of Energy).
  • Fulfil our Treaty partnership with Crown agencies
  • Development of sustainable practice in primary industries.
  • Increased Public Private Partnerships and externally funded initiatives to increase Ngāi Tāmanuhiri estate.
  • Advocate our kaitiekitanga.
  • Promote identity of Ngāi Tāmanuhiri mana whenua, mana moana.
  • Complete environmental performance/audit against Ngāi Tāmanuhiri practices and protocols.
  • Develop Ngāi Tāmanuhiri environmental education resources.


  • Preserve and share Ngāi Tāmanuhiri mara kai practices.
  • Development of hīkoi wānanga interactive web pages.
  • Complete a water resource management plan.
  • Establish Tuatara education programme with Ngāti Koata.


  • Advance our ecological resotration programme.
  • Collaborative Research Opportunities.
  • Ngāi Tāmanuhiri will participate in local resource management policy and decision making.
  • Promote Reanga Hou Strategy.


Mana Tīpuna – Ngāi Tāmanuhiri Identity within the next 5 Years

Our distinct identity as Ngāi Tāmanuhiri is imbued in taonga left with us to protect, nurture and grow. In the next five years we will put resources into planning and developing key relationships that help protect and advance our capability to preserve our marae, our reo, our history, our unique skills and knowledge for generations to come – kei ngaro te katoa.

Economic Outcomes  Cultural Outcomes  Social Outcomes  Environmental Outcomes
  • Identify business oportunities.
  • Ngāi Tāmanuhiri Exhibition 2019.
  • Strenthening our relationship with marae trustees.
  • Completed restoration of our marae.
  • Facilitate wānanga tikanga/kawa on the marae and about our urupa.
  • Consolidate links to national and international musuems.
  • Kawe mate to Rekohu/Wharekauri.
  • Target co-funding opportunities for Iwi cultural development.


  • Increased marae use.
  • Utilising new technology to increase connectivity.
  • Create a communications gateway to all our people.
  • Establish Ngāi Tāmanuhiri whakapapa unit.





  • Capture Tāmanuhiritanga digitally.
  • Matauranga e-learning experiences.
  • Pātaka kai development plan.


Mana Whānau – Social Development within the next 5 Years

In the next five years we will begin the genesis of work for development aimed at helping our whānau to flourish by realising their full potential. When whānau flourish, our hapū and Iwi benefits. We will scope the needs of whānau at home and away, to identify their most important needs and our focus will be on supporting common needs.

Economic Outcomes  Cultural Outcomes  Social Outcomes  Environmental Outcomes 
  • Iwi housing needs analysis.
  • Small business development opportunities and resources for whānau.
  • Access Whānau Ora funding.
  • Acess affordable housing opportunities for whānau.
  • Financial Literacy/budgeting/savings programme for whānau.


  • More opportunities for whakawhanaungatanga-a-tinana; a-rauemi ipurangi.
  • Develop communications clusters to enhance connectivity.
  • Communications Unit established.






  • Incease home ownership by 10%.
  • Raise awareness and preparedness for Natural Disasters.
  • Complete an Education Strategy.
  • Advance Te Aranui capability.
  • Zero tolerance of all forms of violence and abuse across the lifespan.
  • Zero tolerance of poverty.
  • Advance Smokfree Aotearoa 2025 – Auahi Kore/Smokfree & Tupeka Kore offices, whare, cars and Pā.
  • Improved housing conditions, utility services and amenities (water, sewerage).
  • Increased utilisation of technology to connect with whānau.



Pūtea Investment within the next 5 Years

Pūtea is the means by which a large part of Ngāi Tāmanuhiri 2035 will be realised. Growing our asset base and financial position to ensure a stable economic platform beyond the next 25 years has influenced decision making in this 25 year period. Making a profit, acting ethically and within the law, decision making and practices aligned to Ngāi Tāmanuhiri values, will underpin the investment portfolio.

Maximising the return on investments is a key objective. All investment decisions must balance consideration of risks. Flexibility of access to funds must be considered when deciding the term of the investment of no more than 2 years to allow liquidity when required. Investments will run to term and be re-invested, where necessary, with alternative institutions which meet a Standard and Poors Long Term Credit Rating of AA or better.   A mix of types of financial institutions to ensure spread of risk with no more than 30% of total funds held with finance companies and no more than 20% of total funds with any one finance company.

Economic Outcomes Cultural Outcomes  Social Outcomes  Environmental Outcomes
  • Maximise economies of scale opportunities.
  • Risk Appreciation.
  • Wharerata Forest – relationships strengthened.
  • Ethical investment strategy (not in alcohol, tobacco or gambling).
  • Conservative and Diverse Investment Policy reviewed annually.
  • Iwi Research & Development Network.
  • Transparency of financial performance.
  • Regular Iwi communication.
  • Greater Iwi Financial Independence.


  • Clear Ngāi Tāmanuhiri position on oil, gas and mineral exploration and extraction.




Tāmanuhiri Tūtū Poroporo Trust within the next 5 Years

Our Iwi organisation needs to be efficient, fit for our size and fit for our purposes. One of the key challenges ahead is human resource capacity to fulfil roles in our organisation in the future.   Ideally we want our own people. Whoever we have, we need to have sound expertise to equip our organisation, skill our people and set rigorous systems of accountability and performance measurement in place.

Economic Outcomes

  • Establish income Streams.
  • Business units determined.
  • High performing asset management.
Cultural Outcomes

  • Ngāi Tāmanuhiri values and collective vision shape all activities and development initiatives.
  • Administrative Excellence
  • Transparency
  • Standards
  • Tikanga Awareness Programmes for all staff
  • Professional Development
  • Iwi communications
  • Performances standards.
  • Renegotiate role of Te Rūnanga o Turanganui-a-Kiwa
  • Local and national political activity.
  • Trust staff and Board members will demonstrate active participation in learning Te Reo.
Social Outcomes

  • Annual Iwi Celebration.
  • Robust Iwi Register.
  • Urupa Register.
  • Strong Iwi-to-Iwi networks.
  • Ngāi Tāmanuhiri participation in
  • National Iwi forums.



Environmental Outcomes

  • Trust website development.
  • Operations Admin Hub
  • Develop communications technologies.
  • Create seamless administrative relationships with business and land interests.
  • Strengthening of internal relationships within Ngāi Tāmanuhiri estate.
  • Transparent Representation and Appointment Processes.